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K2000/K2500 Owner's Group

The K2000/K2500 Owner's Group (KOG) was formed in December 1991 to help promote information exchange and to help owners get the most out of their instruments. Hopefully it will show Young Chang/Kurzweil (YC/K) that there is growing long term interest in the K2000/K2500, which in turn could lead to continued development after most manufacturers would have moved on to other products.

Your Costs: Membership is free, you simply need to fill out the signup form and return it to KOG. To receive the newsletters for one year you must also include four 32 stamps. If you are outside the USA, $4 US should be substituted. I will bear all publication costs for the newsletters. Your only other obligation is to participate in some way with the group!
What KOG does for you:

  1. The KOG newsletter called "InGear" is published periodically. The content includes a regular column on Beginning Programming, and columns devoted to Sampling and FUNs. The other subject matter is a mix of: articles on tips and tricks and bugs; reviews of 3rd party products; Kurzweil upgrades and options information; hard drive, CD-ROM, and MO recommendations; and anything else relevant. Backissues are also available for $1 each.
  2. KOG Sample Library. This is a large library of samples and programs that have either been created on the K2000/K2500 or transferred from other digital sources. They are all member created or public domain. Prices are $3 US per disk. Further ordering details are on the sample library list.
  3. Information Exchange: I can try to give you contacts of other members in your area. You are free to call me with technical questions anytime.
User submissions to both the newsletter and the sound library are encouraged. Please police your own entries to be sure you have the right to distribute any materials. The success of the group will depend largely on many varied contributions. Please participate. If you have had any time to play with the K2000/K2500, you will realize that it is truly an incredibly varied and GREAT sounding keyboard. I have very high expectations for the continuing expansion and support of this first step in a new approach to synthesis. Feel free to call if you want to discuss anything, or just need some extra technical support. Please contribute all you can to the library and newsletter, no matter how small. Good luck and HAVE FUN.

Here is where you will find what's New at KOG

Here are prices on K2000/K2500 upgrades.

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