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MIDI/Audio/Computer Instruction & Consulting

Our goal since 1985 has been to make people self-sufficient, competent, and productive on their MIDI/Audio systems. Glenn's expertise is in Digital Performer, ProTools, Macintosh computers, Kurzweil keyboards, computer audio interfaces, sequencing, sampling, and MIDI systems with SMPTE synchronization. Pricing for all services is based on location, duration, and scheduling. Please call or email to discuss specifics for your needs.

Computer setup, system design, installation, and studio consulting

Providing help choosing equipment and consulting on computer systems designed for audio is a big part of the picture. You have to consider a variety of equipment, software, computers, and monetary budget to properly outfit a home studio or a commercial one. Many folks seem to tackle this in a backwards fashion. You shouldn't buy a computer, then a piece of software, then figure out what it does that you can use, yet that seems to be the direction many people are led. Our approach is to figure out what tasks you are trying to accomplish, find the hardware and software that meets those needs, then find a computer that can run that software effectively. A songwriter's home studio, a system for live multitrack recording, or a video audio editing suite are all going to have very different requirements. Incorporating existing gear, as well as planning for expansion and upgrades as needs change, are all part of good system design.

Private instruction, group instruction, and onsite troubleshooting

Our main goal is to get you working on your computer, with your gear, and up to speed. Teaching you to become not just competent, but proficient and self-sufficient is a large part of it. We can help analyze the most efficient way to set up your system to get the most out of your gear. The instruction can also include troubleshooting your system, care & feeding of your computer setup, and effective data backup, which are all critical to a functional and reliable studio.

Digital Performer & MOTU Training

As a MOTU dealer since 1985, and a tester and consultant for them since 1988, Glenn knows their equipment and software as well as anyone can. Digital Performer is available for Macintosh systems only, and is one of the premier programs for MIDI recording, audio multitracking, surround sound mixing, and audio for film.

ProTools Training (Avid/DigiDesign/M-Audio)

Glenn first became a DigiDesign dealer in 1985 (when they changed their name from DigiDrums) and began working with Sound Designer for sample editing. Since then the advance of Digidesign hardware and software in all its variations has made it the standard in pro-audio studios. Instruction can be Mac or PC based, and can be done on all available systems from the entry level M-Audio offerings and DigiDesign LE systems, to their flagship HD systems.

Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

Since 1996 Glenn has been an instructor at the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts. Opened in 1968, this commercial complex is the largest recording studio and remote recording facility in the Baltimore area. They offer an audio engineering certification program that is approved by the Maryland State Board of Higher Education. Glenn teaches the two computer based Digital Audio courses that include instruction in MIDI, ProTools, Digital Performer, sequencing, sampling, synchronization, computer systems, CD preparation, and audio for video. Other courses in the program include Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Audio Recording, where the students work in the 2 main studios, as well as a comprehensive course in Live Sound. Please visit their website for up to date class information, as well as the schedule for Open House tours which occur about 4 times a year.

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