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JamBox and Southworth

Southworth Music Systems went out of business in 1989, and Glenn Workman was their last surviving employee. He still provides support, repairs, and upgrades for their products, including: Though he has been unable to obtain the programming code to continue to issue new versions, compatability is surprisingly robust even on most of the new Mac and PowerMac configurations.

The recommended ROM version for all JamBox 4 and JamBox 4+ interfaces is 2.0 (3/21/88). ROM updates are $25.

The last version of the software DA Full JamBox and JamBox Panel was 9/22/87. JamBox Panel will not work under System 7 or higher, and Full JamBox cannot be used inside an application under System 7 or higher. For these reasons Glenn wrote the JamBoxManager, which is fully System 7 happy. It is a one-screen editor for all settings, allows you to save those settings as MIDI files to import into any sequencer, and will work with either the printer or modem port. Cost is $25.

The final release version of MIDIPaint was 1.03 which added MultiFinder compatability (also lets it work under System 7 and higher in most cases), fixed a few minor bugs, and added a "Show All Tracks" feature in the graphic editing window. Upgrade cost is $15.

One-Step remains at version 1.0 and sells for $69. This program is a fine 16 channel sequencer on its own, but also allows MIDIPaint owners to convert there sequences into type 0 standard MIDI files.